I post drawings about things I love.

My digital tools are:
-Photoshop CS6
-Paint Tool Sai

My traditional tools are:
-Mechanical Pencil 0.5
-Prismacolor Premier colors
(Other stuff that I can't remember at the moment)

You can send me a suggestion, if it is good enough I may draw it.

If you want more crazyness visit my main blog! \(○^ω^○)/

Enjoy your stay!

Hi guys! first of all, I am really thankful because of the recent love on my drawings!~ thanks!

I have an important announcement, due to the recent busyness that school has given me, and my distraction, this blog will be inactive for some time, or maybe it will stay inactive, It will be easier to track my drawings and such at my main blog, so you can go there -> http://sassygirlsarah.tumblr.com/ (I am also applying a much simpler theme) Im sorry if I’ve been inactive and for the massive change, but it’s for good~, 

Thank you!

The nsfw blog will kinda stay the same

Oh! an update! sorry for not being active, school sucks ;A; anyways~ Have some silly Doctor/Master! Enjoy!~

Sorry for not updating! I’ve been very busy, anyways, kinda inspired by this [x] (I know I didn’t put some words, I rearranged them like this) Enjoy!~

I’ve been feeling sick, but I thought I could draw something related to make me feel better, Enjoy!~ ~~~ヾ(^∇^) 

pondi-pond sent:

Wow you are perf. <3 <3 I saw that GIF you made where the Doctor kisses the Master today and it really made my day.

I… THANK YOU SO MUCH! (omg! I open my messages and I see THIS! THANK YOU!!!!!) I spent days doing that animation, (and I wasn’t very happy with the final result) but all these kind of comments make me aprecciate my works better :) 

Thank You! And im glad that I made your day :D 

ood-in-the-nude sent:

Do you think that perhaps you could make some kind of supernatural/Doctor Who/Sherlock/Harry Potter/Avenger (Loki) art mesh-up? I would be eternally grateful!! :)

Yes! Sounds great!, It will take me a little bit of time though.
But, I will do it :)

Little Riddle~

(´・ω・)ノ I just thought some of you would like more than “fluff”, soo~

Ok followers, I have a NSFW blog, but its password protected, however… the combination is on the following lines:

why do I have to give you my password
how are you gonna guess this
are you sure you can’t find the answer?
try reading me again please.

Dunno, if you win, you can request mature art~ (there are some rules though) If you can’t do this send me a message. 

Good Luck~ It’s not that hard.


The blog ~> http://sassynsfwcolors.tumblr.com/

cookiepianos sent:

Ooh, do I see that you have a new icon here now? ~ It's really cute, I like it x3

Yes!~ Thank you! Im glad that you liked it :D A little thing while I catch up on updates XD 

flamboyantsnake sent:


Oh!~ Hi there! you are the one that has been giving a lot of love to my drawings!~ Thank you! 

So, this is a gift for you, a design. You can print it on whatever you want, I made it big enough~, you people are very nice to me :D, so I wanted to make something ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Enjoy!~ (I will make more in the future!)

Edit: Wow! this got more notes than expected! you can have a much, much larger version here: [x] Thank you!